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Sheila Newenham

Eleuthera Above the Water

In my experience, these small prop planes are harbingers of unique experiences. I've never been disappointed. Silver Airways whisked us 220 miles from Ft. Lauderdale to the North Eleuthera International Airport. We landed in the warm, drizzling rain. After clearing... Continue Reading →

Squirrel Rock

Several years ago I got a camera trap (motion-activated outdoor camera) to learn more about who is around when I'm not. Over the years I've watched raccoons, opossums, skunks, coyotes, birds, a woodchuck, mice, deer, a nesting duck, the neighbor's... Continue Reading →

A Taste of the Tahoe Rim Trail

We turned onto a narrow, unmarked dirt road, more like an access road that a public way.  It was right where the trooper said it would be.  We rolled and rumbled past some tent campers just beginning to stir as... Continue Reading →

A Winter Morning on the Farm

Just past the cattle pasture and crop fields, the terrain changes suddenly and dramatically. We’re heading through an oak forest, down a narrow gravel and dirt lane toward the river bottoms. There are tall, treed hills on either side of... Continue Reading →

New Treasures in Familiar Woods

I am fortunate to have a 4000-acre forest preserve out my back door.  It is a respite from the chaos of the city of Chicago, 20 miles to the east, and the suburbs that surround it.  From September through May... Continue Reading →

Wandering Kodiak

The flight leaves Kodiak Island at 4pm.  We have one last day to make the most of exploring this wild place.  We passed by Fort Abercrombie Park, a World War II site with a beautifully rugged coast rumored to have... Continue Reading →

Awaking to the Season’s First Snow

The first snow of the season foretells the winter ahead.  This year our first snow was 1-2", the earliest snowfall of this magnitude in the last thirty years.  Often the first snowfall is gray and slushy and makes me want... Continue Reading →

An Illinois Prairie Walk

This mild October afternoon with blue skies and bright sun, not the stark, blazing, eye-squinting, summer sun, but the warm, golden, cozy light of autumn, makes a perfect afternoon to explore a local, restored tallgrass prairie.  It's so close to... Continue Reading →

Frazer River Bear Families

Below the weir is a large shallow pool where a lone sow is wading.  She occasionally darts in a rush of water toward salmon that are making their last journey upstream. She isn't having much success in the middle of... Continue Reading →

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