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Frazer River Bear Families

Below the weir is a large shallow pool where a lone sow is wading.  She occasionally darts in a rush of water toward salmon that are making their last journey upstream. She isn't having much success in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Kukak Bay Serenity

The rising sun casts a warm peach glow across the calm, flat waters of Kukak Bay.  We arrived here after dark last night dropping anchor next to Eagle Rock where a pair of oystercatchers is now starting their day.  A... Continue Reading →

Two Days Full of Bears in Geographic Harbor

It's a rare, sunny, blue-sky, August day on the Katmai Coast.  There's a nice breeze that is keeping the bugs at bay.  I can see bears fishing in the river and others walking the beach toward the mouth of the... Continue Reading →

Our First Steps in Geographic Harbor

After quickly adding layers - long underwear, rain pants, wool socks, thermal undershirt, sweater, coat, hat, and gloves - I grabbed my backpack and hip waders and boarded the skiff for our first trip ashore.  We passed what I first... Continue Reading →

A Week on an Old Tugboat Along the Katmai Coast

Low tide almost empties the terminal end of the Kamishak Bay in Geographic Harbor leaving a stunning technicolor braided river in its place. The opaque blues of the glacial silt mix with the sand and soil from recent rains.  We... Continue Reading →

Spring Snow in the Mountains

I thought we were headed out for an easy, spring, creekside hike in the mountains to a historic site of interest.  In my head, I had pictured a stroll in the woods along a babbling brook. I was very excited!... Continue Reading →

The Japanese Ritual of Forest Bathing

After a harrowing 7 1/2 hour road trip yesterday (congestion leaving the city, then construction delays, then troopers escorting a wide load at 30 mph on the 70 mph bypass and finally a rollover accident that closed the road.  Seriously. ... Continue Reading →

A Summer Morning with the Wrens

I’m sitting on my front porch on a comfy love seat.  The wrens are busily feeding a noisy birdhouse full of chicks.  They've been nesting in this birdhouse for years. Returning to the nest, the parents always perch a few... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon on the Dock

The early summer sun is hot, but an occasional, cool breeze raises goosebumps on my arms.  I've settled down into a comfortable chair on the end of this dock with a book, my camera, binoculars and a notebook.  My plan... Continue Reading →

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