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There's a new blog post up at my new website This blog page is no longer active.

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I've moved to a more robust WordPress site where I can incorporate more of my photography. I am continuing my blog there. So please hop on over and sign up to get emails from the new blog site and/or bookmark... Continue Reading →

A Winter Morning on the Farm

Just past the cattle pasture and crop fields, the terrain changes suddenly and dramatically. We’re heading through an oak forest, down a narrow gravel and dirt lane toward the river bottoms. There are tall, treed hills on either side of... Continue Reading →

Is There a Bear in Every Story? (Fallen Leaf Lake/Taylor Creek Hike)

I'm not sure that I'm on an official trail.  It's a well-worn footpath to be sure, but it may not be on any actual trail map. We've set out to hike a loop around a creek with a salmon run.... Continue Reading →

An Afternoon on the Dock

The early summer sun is hot, but an occasional, cool breeze raises goosebumps on my arms.  I've settled down into a comfortable chair on the end of this dock with a book, my camera, binoculars and a notebook.  My plan... Continue Reading →

A Week on a Quiet Wisconsin Lake

I'm lying in bed on a crisp summer morning, slowly awakening to the dawn chorus.  In this bed on the closed in porch, I feel like I'm sleeping in the trees with the birds as my companions.  They are flitting... Continue Reading →

In Search of the Loon

I had only seen one loon on the lake since we arrived yesterday.  Loons are gregarious birds who pair-bond for life. A lone loon can only mean one thing.  The other is on a nest. In all of the years... Continue Reading →

Yellowstone Wolf Watching Trip

As the sunrise begins to diminish the darkness of night, shapes appear. I squint trying to make them out. A grizzly bear is taking his last bites of a bison carcass before the daylight and the people scare him off.... Continue Reading →

Wolf Tracking in Wisconsin

I've always looking at animal tracks and reading the stories they tell. A fresh snowfall can reveal secrets about those who share the woods and trails with me. It's a glimpse into wild lives. So when I learned that Wisconsin... Continue Reading →

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