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Spring Snow in the Mountains

I thought we were headed out for an easy, spring, creekside hike in the mountains to a historic site of interest.  In my head, I had pictured a stroll in the woods along a babbling brook. I was very excited!... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons: Spring

I haven't seen a junco since mid-April.  It's hard to mark the day they leave except to note when some has time gone by since I'd last noticed one.  Here, they mark the beginning of winter and the promise of... Continue Reading →

A Spring Hike in Coeur d’Alene

As we pulled into the empty parking in the early morning sun, a red tail hawk flew by in dogged pursuit of a raven.  I wonder what raven mischief raised the hawk's ire.  It's a windy, windy day and they... Continue Reading →

Annual Midwest Crane Count

I arrived in the dark rain at 5:15am to meet the local coordinator for the annual midwest spring survey of Sandhill and Whooping Cranes.  He was there to unlock the gate and let me into this state park that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Pond Life

Over the nine years that I've lived here, I've been gradually creating habitat and homes for native wildlife.  It's a slow, but rewarding, process.  We've left the lawn immediately adjacent to the pond unmowed since we arrived.  I've been planting... Continue Reading →

Resident Ducks

Sunday morning Bridger, my dog, was particularly interested in two trees at the edge of our yard.  With all of the wildlife that comes and goes, I was curious to see what he'd found.  I went near where he was... Continue Reading →

Spring Wildflowers and More

Predicting the fleeting bloom of spring ephemerals takes some work. A photographer friend had been scouting Messenger Woods in Lemont for the spring bloodroot bloom for a couple of weeks. Each bloom only lasts one day, so there's only a... Continue Reading →

Spring Around the Yard

Everything is greening up after a gray, gray winter.  Our summer visitors are returning.  This pair of geese has been nesting somewhere near our pond for many years now.  Despite the small size of the pond, we've never been able... Continue Reading →

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