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A Winter Morning on the Farm

Just past the cattle pasture and crop fields, the terrain changes suddenly and dramatically. We’re heading through an oak forest, down a narrow gravel and dirt lane toward the river bottoms. There are tall, treed hills on either side of... Continue Reading →

The Japanese Ritual of Forest Bathing

After a harrowing 7 1/2 hour road trip yesterday (congestion leaving the city, then construction delays, then troopers escorting a wide load at 30 mph on the 70 mph bypass and finally a rollover accident that closed the road.  Seriously. ... Continue Reading →

A Summer Morning with the Wrens

I’m sitting on my front porch on a comfy love seat.  The wrens are busily feeding a noisy birdhouse full of chicks.  They've been nesting in this birdhouse for years. Returning to the nest, the parents always perch a few... Continue Reading →

Annual Midwest Crane Count

I arrived in the dark rain at 5:15am to meet the local coordinator for the annual midwest spring survey of Sandhill and Whooping Cranes.  He was there to unlock the gate and let me into this state park that doesn't... Continue Reading →

Snow Day

There's eight inches of snow on the ground with another four expected as the snow is continuing to fall.  The roads are slushy, snowy, slippery and dangerous.  Work called a snow day - stay home, stay safe. The wind periodically... Continue Reading →

Revealed in the Snow

One of my favorite things about winter is seeing the tracks in the snow of all of the animals that share these woods with me.  The snow faithfully documents all of their comings and goings. Since my dogs "see" with... Continue Reading →

A Morning at Presque Isle River

We arrived in the parking lot just before daybreak with just enough light to see the sign marking the wooded trailhead to the falls.  The six of us walked down the trail and out onto the suspension bridge overlooking the... Continue Reading →

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